Living & Growing Together

The confidence you place in us fosters our progress!

Editorial by Colette de Guénin

Fénelon Notre-Dame Secondary School Principal & Coordinator of Fénelon Notre-Dame Primary and Secondary Schools

The Fénelon Notre-Dame Primary and Secondary Schools’ educational vision calls us to “embody the Trust and Confidence to Live and Grow Together”. It is in this mindframe that we pursue our vocation. We must also create a dynamic educational environment that prepares our students for the future, so they will look to it with confidence and great aspirations. Right from kindergarten, educational projects focusing on relationship building, confidence, trust, and goodwill enhance the development and self-expression of each child. We continually innovate upon pedagogical and educational practices in order to develop our student’s sense of autonomy and responsibility. The middle school reform impresses us to do so, and the educational pathways available to high school students allow them to develop their capacities in their chosen field of inquiry; impelling each student to reach for personal excellence. Our collective objective is to make Fénelon Notre-Dame a hospitable environment, open to the world and to otherness, that promotes trust in one another and faith in possibilities. The trust that we place in others and that we receive helps us to grow and thrive. We therefore will write this year as a Gospel is written, with great humanity and fraternity.

May your path be full of promise!

Editorial Fénelon Notre Dame La Rochelle
Editorial Fénelon Notre Dame La Rochelle

What drives us

The confidence you place in us fosters our success in guiding students of all ages toward self-fulfillment. To support our students’ professional goals, we offer a wide range of initial and continuing education courses, as well as apprenticeship and professionalization opportunities that are essential to success in a world of continual development.

  • Guidance – Advising and providing pedagogical support, conducting workshops to promote healthy and pro-social behaviors

  • Education – Schooling, continuing education, dual education, apprenticeship, individualized courses of study

  • Hope – First stepping stone to realizing one’s dreams

Our values

Welcome each individual with kindness and consideration. Be receptive. Develop respect and tolerance. Learn to appreciate our differences.

Feel secure and confident. Affirm your personality.

Receive pedagogical and educational support. Develop a vision for your future objectives.

Promote autonomy and a sense of responsibility. Learn to Live Together and work effectively as part of a team.  Place value in civic commitment and fellowship.  Respect the convictions of each individual.

Be mindful of global issues. Anticipate developments in our societies. Seek contact with members of other cultures. Place importance on travel and student exchange.

From Nursery School until High School graduation, becoming bilingual and bicultural in American English.

High School Rankings

Ranked among the top 30 high schools in France for the ‘S’ series, we also take pride in the success rates and distinctions across several sectors of the Baccalaureate. Our motivation: to accompany our students on the paths of “their” successes, whatever they may be.

Baccalaureate success rate in 7 out of 11 sectors
Success rate in the General and Professional Baccalaureates
Percentage of General Baccalaureate students graduating with distinctions
Percentage of Professional Baccalaureate students graduating with distinctions

Elementary Schools

Middle School

General and Technological High School

Vocational High School


The Training Center

The Saint-Louis Diocesan Choir : An aspiration to achieve excellence!

At the initiative of the diocese, and under the aegis of Bishop Colombus, our objective is to enable young girls and boys with interest in and aptitude for singing to receive quality musical instruction encompassing vocal, cultural, and pastoral dimensions.

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