1. Admissions process

Our Open House is held in February (see the Events page). We suggest you come see us in person to discuss the conditions of admissions in a given class or division. Candidates for admission submit a completed application packet during an interview with a school administrator.

2. Quality mentoring

Students who enter Fénelon Notre-Dame receive quality mentoring throughout their studies, from preschool through to the BTS diploma or other professional adult training.
It’s in the way teachers attend to their students (taking into account multiple intelligences, integrating intellectually precocious students, adapting the teaching approach in the special needs classroom).
It’s also in the tutoring provided during supervised studies in primary and middle schools, the sessions of personalized guidance in high school, and in the attentive listening and guidance counseling adapted to each situation.
Support also takes the form of educational monitoring, essential to healthy ‘Living together’. Each year, it is enriched with new preventive measures against bullying, addictions, non-compliance with driving safety regulations, unhealthful foods, etc. Our Christian values encourage the students to appreciate moments of discussion and reflection and to engage in acts of solidarity. When students decide to engage upon a journey of faith, we gladly accompany them in their preparation for the sacraments.

3. Testing center

Fénelon Notre-Dame is a testing center for the National Brevet Diploma, the Baccalaureate Diploma, and Advanced Vocational Diploma. On-site testing spares our students the stress of having to navigate in an unknown environment to take these exams.
Given our international dimension, Fénelon Notre-Dame welcomes all TOEFL (English) and DELE (Spanish) exam candidates. We also prepare our middle school, high school, and post-secondary school students for the Cambridge exam (English) the Goethe Institute A2-B1 certifications (German), and the HSK level assessment (Chinese).

4. Success

When our students are accepted into their first choice of higher education through Parcoursup, we congratulate ourselves on the opportunity that it represents for them and take pride in the trust placed in us by institutions of higher education.
It is a credit to our General, Technological and Professional High Schools’ teaching teams that our students distinguish themselves across a range of Baccalaureate degrees. As an indicator of success, it reflects the students’ pertinent educational choices, the teachers’ guidance, and their joint perseverance.
We celebrate these successes during the Graduation Ceremony; a much-anticipated, convivial and well-appreciated gathering that reunites the school’s teachers and staff with its recent alumni.

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