Project Description

A school where we grow together

Inspirited by the educational project “Live and Grow together”, the Fénelon Notre-Dame primary schools welcome children from nursery school to 5th grade.
Two of these schools are located in La Rochelle at 7 rue Chasseloup-Laubat. Another is located in Lagord at 10-12 rue de la Comtesse de Segur.
On each of these sites, the educational teams nurture a collaborative relationship with families by providing supportive services such as:
> Before-school and after-school care starting in nursery school;
> After-school supervised study as of 1st grade;
> A leisure program on Wednesday mornings at the La Rochelle site;
> We use the Ecole Direct platform to maintain continuous communication among the families, the teaching team and administrative services.

Promoting personal development

We offer your children an educational and pedagogical framework that will allow them to grow in confidence, develop self-awareness, become considerate classmates, and discover their potential across school projects and activities. In the Special Education classroom “ULIS”, in Adapted Integration “RA”, we strive to provide personalized guidance to every student along their educational pathway an environment that enables each of them to develop to his or her fullest potential.

  • School Projects – Each year, the teaching community creates artistic and cultural projects where our students’ talents flourish in a climate of shared enthusiasm.
  • International – We educate world citizens, open to all cultures and respectful of the planet. Our students receive English language lessons from nursery school onwards. Moreover, an optional International Program spans from first grade through high school graduation, aiming to culminate in each participating student’s bilingualism
    and biculturality
  • Pastoral Guidance – It is an initiation into a way of life, from learning to Live in community to engaging in acts of solidarity. Students who wish to may undertake a journey of faith, accentuated with the principal celebrations of the liturgical year and enriched by listening to the word of God, in preparation for the sacraments.
  • Transition to Middle School – Students are well-prepared for their transition into middle school. The 3rd pedagogical cycle links the last two years of primary school (4th and 5th grades) with the first year of middle school (6th grade), during which students consolidate their learning. During orientation days, 5th graders become familiar with the premises of the middle school that will host them the following fall.

Fénelon Notre-Dame Nursery and Primary Schools of La Rochelle

Our schools are distinguished by the services they provide and by the separate grounds reserved for each age group. Services include before-school and after-school child care from 7:30 am through 6:30 pm, after-school supervised study until 6:30 pm, a leisure program on Wednesday mornings, designated play and recreation spaces, cafeterias, a library center, a garden as well as a vegetable garden in the heart of the city.
We have several classrooms for each grade level, allowing us to welcome a greater number of children in favorable conditions.
Our teams promote collaborative pedagogy, which takes into account the perspective of each child in the conception phase of projects. We are also responsive to the students’ families.

Fénelon Notre-Dame Nursery and Primary School of Lagord

In a new building set in a haven of greenery, this intimate-sized school houses four double- level classes from nursery school to 5th grade. Children, parents and educational teams converge in a spirit of community and sharing.