Project Description

Two locations and a multitude of advantages

To best accommodate our students, we favor a middle school “quality of life” approach which limits the size of the student body. Students are grouped by grade level into two separate locations, both with secured access and located in La Rochelle. The 6t h and 7th graders attend lower middle school at 9 rue Chasseloup-Laubat. The 8th and 9th graders attend upper middle school at 7 rue Marcel-Paul.
Quality of life is essential for all students, whether or not they are new to a school environment. The playground, the cafeteria, the library, and the study room are all near the classrooms. The premises for 6th and 7th graders are separate from those for 8th and 9th graders.
ln the interest of modernizing pedagogical approaches and lightening schoolbags, students are granted online access to electronic books and other resources.
Those looking for a hands-on learning approach, for a bit of fun, or just to relax, have a variety of options available to them. They can enroll in college clubs, participate in activities offered during lunch break, or head over to the 9th/10th grade recreational center. The Student Affairs Office team listens to students and provides their supervision {class attendance, behavior, etc.), principally in a precautionary capacity.
Our boarding residency, the Maison de /’Etoile located in Saint-Xandre, is reserved for middle school, high school, and post-secondary education students. lt can accommodate students as ofthe Sunday evening of each week.

lnnovative and Diversified Options

Our innovative and diversified pedagogical options allow each student to elaborate his or her personalized program, reflecting not only the educational reforms, but also the dynamism of the teaching teams and our adaptation to societal developments.

A time is set aside for intellectually precocious children to meet, and a “ULIS” program is provided for students needing special education. This inclusiveness fosters the spirit of “Living and Growing Together” that is central to our pedagogical mission.
With environmental projects, student exchanges, and language trips, we are educating students to become world citizens; open to all cultures and respectful of the planet.
ln addition to the bilingual sections, there is an optional International Program which aims to culminate in each student’s bilingualism and biculturality as well as the obtention of an OIB Baccalaureate.
The study of classical languages cultivates general knowledge.
Central to the customization of each student’s plan of study at Fénelon Notre-Dame, middle schoolers chose an elective to follow, among a variety of options (linguistic, sporting, cultural, scientific, mathematical or environmental).
An appealing range of artistic, sporting and pastoral activities are available to interested middle school students
Students and teachers work together on a collective project during interdisciplinary applied learning modules, promoting team spirit and innovativeness.
Opening oneself to others by accepting differences, becoming a citizen who engages in solidarity initiatives, leaning tolerance through exploration of monotheistic religions… Such essential life questions are addressed during religion education. Moreover, religious instruction is provided for those students wishing to prepare to receive the sacre ments.
We provide shared activities and courses provided to both 9th and 10th grade students as well as orientation to prepare for the transition into High School. This helps students to build bridges and promotes their successful intergration into 10th grade.