Project Description

Heighten your potential

Located in the heart of La Rochelle (36 rue Massiou), the Fénelon Notre-Dame vocational high school is well-known among New Aquitaine work organizations for its talent pool of skilled graduating students. Today’s internship supervisors are often tomorrow’s employers.
Orientation days are held near the beginning of each school year, promoting a sense of community among students and teachers.
Whichever field a student may have chosen, they are first and foremost encouraged to gain confidence in themselves. Multiple intelligence-based pedagogical approaches help students gain awareness of who they are, what they want, and how to heighten their potential.

To relax and connect with classmates, the 9 th/10 th grade recreational center and 11th/12th grade high school student lounge are havens of conviviality, relaxation, and camaraderie.
Located in Saint-Xandre, our student residence is reserved for middle school, high school, and post-secondary school students. Each week it accommodates students as early as Sunday evening.

Believe in your future

The vocational high school is evolving in order to better prepare our students for the careers of the future; to promote their employability with the skills and capabilities expected in the labor market. Starting with the 9th grade ‘preparation for employment’ program all the way through to the vocational Baccalaureate, each student is encouraged to develop their expertise and their ability to deal effectively with workplace demands and challenges, in the field of their choice.
Recently introduced, our 10th grade “progressive professional orientation” approach guides students toward making an informed choice of which Baccalaureate degree to pursue. The CAP ATMFC is open to professional ULIS students and IMEs.

  • International – Our European sections and international partnerships engender openness to foreign national cultures and brings bilingualism within the reach of our high school students. Students who wish to may take certification exams in French (Voltaire), English (TOEFL), and Spanish (DELE).
  • Orientation – Students begin to visit to workplaces right from the 9th grade ‘preparation for employment’ program. The 10th grade ‘progressive professional orientation’ endeavors to opens doors to various trades. There are opportunities to meet professionals at a Health and Services forum, as well as internships and periods of on-the-job training. These experiences confirm and substantiate, not only the choice of the professional baccalaureate, but more specifically that of the chosen field.
  • Future prospects – Some of our high school students opt for the ‘Upward Mobility’ plan to pursue studies in ‘Economics and Commerce’ and ‘Economics and Commerce with Technological Specialization’ at Sup de Co La Rochelle. Others choose one of the options we offer in our Training Center or in our post-secondary education programs. Those who enter straight into the professional world are determined to excel in their profession. In order to enhance their employability, they readily pass certifications such as the Certification of Aptitude to the Handling of Refrigerants, and Electrical Accreditation (Bac Pro TMSEC …).

“You must be enthusiastic about your vocation to excel in it.” Denis Diderot

9th grade Vocational Orientation (previously PEP)

Students prepare their future professional orientation with focus on long-term successBy discovering various fields of work and educational paths available, high school students gradually delineate their professional objectives
  • General Education
  • Introductory professional orientation
  • Personalized support and practical interdisciplinary workshops extending across several fields of interest

10th grade Progressive Professional Orientation (POP)

Students steer their professional training orientation: 10th grade POP students have one year to confirm their choice of Professional BaccalaureateOver that year, they explore the content and requirements for the Professional Baccalaureates in the Tertiary sector. They also become familiar with different trades through work placements.
  • General education
  • Specific courses for each Professional Baccalaureate
  • Career plan development
  • Internship in the chosen field

10th grade Professional Program

Confirms students’ professional training orientation : 10th graders have already chosen a suitable Professional Baccalaureate
  • General education
  • Vocational training
  • Periods of training in a work organization

Professional Baccalaureate with Specialization in Business and Sales

A 22-week Internship delivers insight into the world of work
  • Option A ‘Sales and Retail Management’
  • Option B ‘Sales Prospecting and Enhancing the Product Offer’
  • Prospecting
  • Negotiation
  • Customer support
  • Sales techniques
  • Occupational health and safety
  • English and Spanish

Professional Baccalaureate in Front Desk and Reception Professions

Customer RelationsA 22-week Internship delivers insight into the world of work
  • Reception services organization and management
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Law and Economy for the service sector
  • English and Spanish

Individual Support, Caregiving, and Human Services

A 22-week Internship delivers insight into the world of work
  • Medical-social science, human biology, microbiology, nutrition
  • Techniques in personal care, ergonomics
  • Organization and maintenance of premises
  • Occupational health and safety
  • English and Spanish

Professions in Energy and Climate Systems Maintenance

A 22-week Internship delivers insight into the world of work
  • Energy systems equipment technology
  • Analysis of facilities and repair techniques
  • Applied physics, economics and management
  • Occupational health and safety
  • English and Spanish

Professional Baccalaureate in Digital Systems

Systems Preparation, Installation and Maintenance
  • Option C « Network and Communication Systems (RISC) »
  • General education
  • Implementation and maintenance of computer network operating systems and telecommunication networks
  • Communication systems management (cellular phones, GPS, access badges, electronic cards, etc.)
  • English and Spanish

Certificate of Professional Competence (CAP) in Technical Assistant in Family and Community Environments (ATMFC)

The ‘technical assistant in family and community environments’ certification is open only to students who have attended a professional high school differentiated education class (ULIS) or a medical-educational institute
  • General education
  • Maintenance of premises and laundry services
  • Professional hygiene and food sciences
  • Organization of work, professional communication, quality of services