Our continuous motivation is to help students grow and reach their personal success.

All of our educational offerings, infused with innovative pedagogical practices, help our students understand the evolution of society and the demands of professional organizations. We provide students with support and guidance throughout their initial and continuing education. This allows our educators to stay connected with students, who are eager to succeed professionally in a world in constant evolution.


The Training Center

More than ever, our Training Center enables students to customize their program of study to their chosen career path. Apprenticeship programs prepare students for the Professional ‘Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician’ Baccalaureate (BAC pro TFCA) or the State Diploma in Educational and Social Services (DE AES). In Continuing Education, we prepare students for the Veritas Fluid Handling Certification. We also offer reorientation programs in preparation for competitive school entrance exams toward careers in orthoptics, speech-language pathology, social work, healthcare assistance, or an institute of learning in nursing care (IFSI-A2I). Students may choose to enroll in individual courses within our programs in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Electricity, Information Technology, Security, and Office Support.



Advanced Technician Certificates are two-year programs of study that include extended periods of apprenticeships, thereby facilitating access to employment. The Advanced Technician Certificate in Information Technology Services for Organizations (BTS SIO) with specialization in 'Networks and Systems’ prepares future computer equipment managers as well as networks and systems administrators for all types of organizations. The Advanced Technician Certificate in Fluids, Energies, and Home Automation (BTS FED) with specialization in 'Refrigeration and Air Conditioning' opens the way for careers as refrigeration technicians, technicians in fluid dynamics and thermal design contracting firms, and construction managers.


Vocational High School

The vocational high school is evolving, with the objective of better preparing our students for the professions of the future; of promoting their professional integration by equipping them with the skills and qualification that employers expect. An innovative solution, the Professional Progressive Orientation 10th grade program makes the choice of orientation towards a chosen Professional Baccalaureate more relevant. Our European sections and international partnerships promote openness to foreign cultures and bring bilingualism within the reach of our students. The Certificate of Professional Competence in Technical Assistant in Family and Community Environments (CAP ATMFC) is open to students who have attended a professional high school differentiated education class (ULIS) or a medical-educational institute.


General and Technological High School

With the progress of the education reforms, the school calendar has been reorganized (into semesters), the curriculum has become increasingly interdisciplinary, and the high school has introduced co-teaching methods. High school students participate on every level, from the organization of their school work to making choices among a wide range of specializations. The continual enrichment of our teaching practices as well as the electives and options that are unique to our establishment count among the distinguishing features that set us apart.


Middle School

Upon completing 6th and 7th grades, middle school students discover a new environment as they enter into 8th and 9th grades. The grouping of students by grade level into two separate locations with their own facilities ensures the quality of their school experience, their well-being, and their mutual respect. A variety of clubs and activities gather between 12h and 14h. From 6th to 9th grades, innovative and diversified pedagogical electives allow students to customize their individual course of study.


Elementary Schools

Our two schools in La Rochelle and one in Lagord embody the same ideals of community-spirit and sharing. We strive to provide families with a range of services, create supportive home-to-school connections, and create hospitable common areas. In this context, each student builds confidence, feels esteemed and valued, develops pride by participating in an end of year project, discovers the word of Christ, and broadens his or her vision of the world.

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