The Training Center


More than ever, our Training Center enables students to customize their program of study to their chosen career path. Apprenticeship programs prepare students for the Professional ‘Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician’ Baccalaureate (BAC pro TFCA) or the State Diploma in Educational and Social Services (DE AES). In Continuing Education, we prepare students for the Veritas Fluid Handling Certification. We also offer reorientation programs in preparation for competitive school entrance exams toward careers in orthoptics, speech-language pathology, social work, healthcare assistance, or an institute of learning in nursing care (IFSI-A2I). Students may choose to enroll in individual courses within our programs in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Electricity, Information Technology, Security, and Office Support.



Advanced Technician Certificates are two-year programs of study that include extended periods of apprenticeships, thereby facilitating access to employment. The Advanced Technician Certificate in Information Technology Services for Organizations (BTS SIO) with specialization in 'Networks and Systems’ prepares future computer equipment managers as well as networks and systems administrators for all types of organizations. The Advanced Technician Certificate in Fluids, Energies, and Home Automation (BTS FED) with specialization in 'Refrigeration and Air Conditioning' opens the way for careers as refrigeration technicians, technicians in fluid dynamics and thermal design contracting firms, and construction managers.

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